Motion Control Systems for Industry

Sheer Systems offers you best in class expertise to make motion and control systems work for you.

We have a track record of designing systems on time and on budget.

Our systems install predictably meaning reduced commissioning costs and easier handover.

We combine our vast experience across industry with your expertise to create systems that exceed your customers' expectations and improve your reputation.

We build in excellent user information, diagnostics and remote access that achieves cost effective end user support.

Our well documented, structured and modular systems permit straightforward machine upgrades with minimal downtime.

Our accurate documentation provides you with a significant part of your end user documentation, saving you time and cost at the end of the project.

We provide a complete electrical and software service including electrical and software design, procurement, build, install and commission in the UK and abroad. Then we provide ongoing support to customers and end users wherever they are.

Our great strength is our ability to understand the complex needs of our customers and to turn those needs into successful systems.